Aaron Powell

Aaron is a Senior Developer and Technical Web Specialist with Readify and Microsoft MVP for Internet Explorer Development. Professionally Aaron does a lot of work on the ASP.Net stack, through MVC to WebForms, as well as non-Microsoft technologies such as Node.js. Aaron is passionate about teaching developers how to make the most out of their chosen technologies and doing web development in the best way possible. A guilty pleasure of his is JavaScript; if you can do it in JavaScript he’s probably had a crack at doing it, whether it was a good idea or not.

He is also a big supporter of open source software, being involved in a number of different open source communities across a number of different platforms. One of his primary open source projects is a blog engine called FunnelWeb which he is one of the lead developers on. A lot of Aaron’s work can be found on GitHub and BitBucket or through his blog.

Outside of the computer Aaron enjoys good food, a good beer, skiing and long walks on the beach.

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